Introduction to Digital Humanities eTalks

February 2015, Editions DH+

This webpage presents eTalks focused on Digital Humanities. The first one, published in February 2015, is the community keynote given by Dr. Bethany Nowviskie at the DH2014 meeting in Lausanne. Its author is Dr. Bethany Nowviskie, and the production of the eTalk is the work of an interdisciplinary team of UNIL DH researchers and IT bioinformaticians researchers, at DH+ publishing house : Prof. Claire Clivaz, Cécile Pache, Dr. Marion Rivoal, Dr. Martial Sankar.

The eTalks are a new multimedia form meant to transmit knowledge, entirely quotable in details (see the demonstration video). They have been created by an interdisciplinary team under the lead of Prof. Claire Clivaz (UNIL) and Prof. Frédéric Kaplan (EPFL), and are now developed by the editions/publishing house DH+, at the University of Lausanne.

The code for the eTalk system is available as open source, along with explanations of how to prepare and install eTalks. We hope that this form of publication will be useful and compelling to a wide academic and public audience.